Our Solutions

Our experience in bringing together mobile network data and fraud intelligence disciplines means that we are always thinking about how to help customers across multiple markets.

We are the only company to combine data trust frameworks, data attributes and powerful user experience journeys to simplify the complex process of user validation and engagement. 

Focusing on the real-time data intrinsic to our everyday lives, Phronesis uses applied Network Biometrics™ and our Acidity Score™ to validate the mobile identity of end customers.


Validate a customer’s mobile phone number is genuine and reachable.

Identify SIM Swap | Device Swap and prevent Account Take Over


Check the mobile number is registered to the declaring customer.

Add confidence

with KYC Matching


Engage and interact with users through secure SMS and voice services.

Deliver PSD2 and Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)


Check your customer is where they say they are.

Limit fraud, lost goods and false payments



Challenger and traditional banks needing a solution for customer validation and assurance.


Insurance companies needing a solution for cutomer validation and assurance.


Online and bricks & mortar retailers for customer validation and payment assurance.


Logistics companies needing an easier way to check customer availability and validity