Let us help you streamline and enhance current sign up, log in and transaction processes through our suite of straightforward APIs. 

Network Biometrics™ uses live data from the UK mobile networks, overlaid with machine learning to provide simple answers to subtle security questions. Seamlessly integrating with existing infrastructure, our core products provide additional information about a person’s identity.

Increase operational efficiency, improve customer experience, and reduce instances of fraud by incorporating mobile network data today.

Number Discovery™

If you don’t realise right away that someone’s given you a wrong number, by mistake or intentionally, you’re likely to annoy the customer, miss opportunities and waste time following up.

With Number Discovery® you can instantly check all the basics about a number: Does it exist? Is it in use? On which network? And is it associated with a proper customer account?

Better yet, you can choose to auto-discover their number via their mobile, providing seamless checks and removing another hurdle from the experience.

Number Assurance™

Before you sign up a new customer, hand over high-value products and services, or allow them to move funds around, you need to be sure they are who they claim to be.

With Number Assurance® you can instantly check your customer’s identity against the verified details on their mobile account. Our API will tell you right away if there are mismatches or different details for name, date of birth or address.

Using live links to the operators, Number Assurance® also checks that the account holder hasn’t recently reported their device lost or stolen.

Number Protect™

With ever more fraudsters focusing on the mobile channel, there are situations where you need to know for sure that it’s safe to do business with your customer: that their mobile hasn’t been taken over or their account compromised.

With Number Protect® you can check in real time whether your customer’s risk factors have changed. Has the SIM been swapped? Have they just switched to a different device? Are they where you would expect them to be?

By checking these and other details direct from the network you can be highly certain that you are dealing with the right person, without introducing tokens or other clunky authentication.

Number Authenticate

If you want a straight-forward way of identifying and authenticating new or existing customers, without integrating separate discovery, assurance and protection into your systems, we provide complete, pre-configured customer authentication solutions.

Number Authenticate links the device in session to the number provided in real-time. This provides you with confidence in user possession while eliminating the need for OTPs or passwords.

Other Products

Age Verification


Using mobile data, we can verify


UK phone numbers.

Network Biometrics® can also check up to 84.2 million mobile numbers for signs of fraud.

With millions of phone numbers on the UK network, the data associated with these numbers is equally abundant.

Using mobile data, we can potentially identify
Customers within the UK

Network Biometrics can also check up to 84.2 million mobile numbers for signs of fraud.

With millions of phone numbers on the UK network, the data associated with these numbers is equally abundant.

Connecting to live mobile data through our APIs

All of our services run behind the scenes, integrating seamlessly to your existing systems and complementing all your other security and identity checks.
We provide secure access to all our services through RESTful APIs. They are described with OpenAPI v3 so can be implemented on whatever platform you prefer to use.
Whilst each lookup interrogates the mobile networks for live data, responses are received almost instantly.
We offer ready-to-use services or can create custom solutions for your organisation. We have strong relationships with the UK mobile networks and work closely with all our clients to understand how the data will be used and ensure GDPR compliance.

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