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Our API – Network Biometrics – gives you access to the widest range of vital data insights surrounding a mobile number.  It gives you data in its raw format, meaning it’s totally hassle-free to integrate. From identity validation to fraud prevention, we’re always looking for new ways to help deliver a fast and friction-free validation process. Which is why we’re proud to announce our newest version of our API and all its new powerful features.

Pre-filter MVNOs

At Phronesis we love giving our customers what they want. Which is why we have redesigned our API with a built-in MVVNO check. This allows us to check whether a number is assigned to an Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) before running any further calls. MVNO’s often don’t release the same information on a number as Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). Checking for this and adjusting the API call accordingly will save your business time and money by avoiding unsuitable numbers. It’s a win win!

Number Assurance Flexibility

We’re giving your business the ability to bolt on our ‘lost and stolen’ and ‘contract type’ checks, rather than paying for them by default within the Number Assurance package. By decoupling our checks, we’re giving your business the flexibility to reduce costs through selecting only data that best fits your business needs. Making sure you only pay for what you use.

Age Verification +

We’ve been working with our customers to take our Age Verification above and beyond. We are now offering 3 different checks directly related to age verification. We have the standard D.O.B match, the 18+ age check and the adult services check. This extra check verifies an individual has enabled adult services on their mobile contract, consenting to explicit content. This guarantees lawful access and keeps your business legally compliant. 

Understanding The Device

Our development team were especially excited about our new checks surrounding the device. This includes model, blacklist status, serial number and IMEI. These let you understand the device attached to a number, and therefore the device being used during a session. Linking the device in use to the customer and to an address helps your business build trust and gives you a clearer picture of identity.  

Insurance fraud investigations


Thanks to new collaborations, we have increased our coverage sevenfold. Prior to this we provided service in the UK and France, as well as some parts of Europe. We now can provide data insights globally. If you have previously been interested in using mobile network insights but were in a country we previously could not supply to, get in touch

One API Call

We’ve streamlined our API entirely. Our API has been rewritten to flow better. Each request is now more efficient than before, with significantly less friction. 

We Can Help

Mobile Network Operator (MNO) data has become a necessary part of businesses’ authentication, onboarding, and fraud prevention strategies due to its high-trust and authoritative nature. The data held by the MNOs can be matched with user-provided information – all that is required is a mobile phone number.

Furthermore, companies such as Phronesis can enhance the verification of a user’s identity by giving confidence that the SIM card and device being used in real-time belong to the mobile number provided. A silent device session check can even make the OTP and password redundant.

Customer validation doesn’t have to be expensive and frustrating. We built an easy-to-use framework which integrates into your existing systems, hassle-free. Our API gives you immediate access to vital data insights surrounding a mobile number and the device attached which are used to instantly validate a user.

Giving you confidence in customer identity and device possession.

By adding MNO data to authentication strategies, companies are increasingly being able to go password-free, improving both security levels and customer satisfaction.

To find out more about bringing MNO data into your business, book a free, introductory call. We would love to help you identify and authenticate customers.

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