Age Verification

Stop weighing down your customers with excessive identity checks. Use our Age Verification API for friction-free, real-time data.

Age Verification Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

Regulations surrounding age verification are evolving. We understand the frustration of trying to stay ahead of the curve and not encumbering users.

By adding mobile network data to your identity strategy, you are able to instantly verify a user’s age using just their mobile number.

70% of users chose mobile numbers as their preferred method of identity. Talk to our team today to give your customers a better onboarding experience.

Be Ready for the Online Safety Bill

We understand that businesses must make difficult decisions in advance of new legislation on website access.

Phronesis uses mobile network operator data to keep your business aligned with new laws, without sacrificing user convenience.

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Customer Experience at no Expense

Users deserve the most streamlined experience possible when using your service. No one likes having to provide lots of unnecessary information just to see ‘verification failed’ on the screen.

25% of enterprises attribute their customer churn to friction in identity and verification. Don’t be one of them: our solution makes verification easier for everyone. Simpler. Quicker. Smarter.

Trusted by the Biggest Names in Age Verification

How it Works

Through direct partnerships with Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), Phronesis is able to verify data attributes associated with a mobile phone number and the subscriber. One critical insight is the person’s date of birth, which can be used to verify a person is of adult age.

Step one: user enters their mobile phone number

Step two: our API calls the MNO and confirms the number is subscribed to an adult (18+)

Step three: user is permitted to view age-sensitive content

How Age Verification Works

Start Verifying the Smart Way

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3. Treat your customers to a safe and streamlined experience