About Phronesis

Our Mission

Early on Phronesis understood most enterprises are applying web solutions to a mobile journey, which is based on different technology and consumer behaviour, with no available alternatives.

We believe that by combining the knowledge of the Phronesis team in relation to operator data, the high-quality data obtained directly from partnerships with leading mobile network operators and an understanding of the challenges facing today’s enterprise we can create solutions that will make mobile simple, safe and secure once again.

Our History

The Phronesis team have a long history of working in the telecoms space. Whilst on this journey they began to see the increasing value in the use of unique data that is held inside mobile and telecom operators, this data has the potential to address many of the operational and security challenges facing enterprises when transacting with their customers in a mobile lead environment. 

The question for the team was how to provide this unique customer data under a controlled and trusted framework in which the customer has full knowledge and consent of how the data is being used. Not only this but in an easy to understand and use format that an enterprise can leverage to make critical business decisions. Thus Phronesis was born.



n. Practical understanding; wisdom, prudence; sound judgement

After half a lifetime in telecoms, we know that there is a better way of identifying and authenticating customers. We call it Network Biometrics® and we are proud to be working with national governments, financial institutions and global service providers to make their customer journeys more secure and friction-free.

Meet the Team

James Trenholme


James is an experienced business leader and entrepreneur and has held senior positions in mobile network operators. He spent 12 years in different roles at Jersey Telecom, including leading business development for the global wholesale business.

He was the founder and director of the specialist recruitment service, NicheHunters, until its successful sale in 2018.

James is a keen chef, baker and home brewer, he particularly enjoys the excellent produce available in his hometown of Bath.

Matthew Hornsey

Head of Product

Matthew is a skilled product director and leader of innovation. He has held senior roles and been a founder of innovative mobile messaging and infrastructure businesses. He has a very strong understanding of how mobile operators and other organisations can work together to deliver new value streams without compromising their customers or networks.

He has held senior roles in telecoms, software development and product innovation consultancies.

When he’s not working, Matt likes nothing better than exploring the great outdoors.

Dr Guillaume Peersman

Head of Technology

Guillaume has worked in the ICT industry for over 20 years and was awarded a PhD for his work on mobile network messaging services.

Guillaume joined Dialogue Communication with Sheffield University and was appointed Managing Director in 2007 until his departure in 2012, since then he has been involved on a consultancy basis with a number of start-ups and venture capitalist firms. His software development experience covers a wide range of coding languages and architectures. Guillaume has designed, implemented a deployed a number of massively scalable and mission-critical platforms over his career.

David Lumm

Lead Software Development Engineer

David earned his BSc in Artificial Intelligence and Cybernetics and strives to provide tools that bring great value to our lives. His technical competence and professionalism are exceptional. Luckily, this comes coupled with being a personable, approachable, and generally great team member and mentor to others.

David enjoys breathing new life into projects that may have been abandoned, he specialises in simplifying organisational tools. Outside of work, he has been venturing into baking and gardening but is usually occupied with caring for his 10-year-old son and their adorable Labrador. When David has time he does love a good book or sci-fi show.

Matt Hand

Junior Software Developer

Matt discovered his passion for programming in early 2020, which ties into his interests in retro video games, and tinkering with Raspberry Pis. One day he hopes to create a video game reminiscent of the early ’90s, akin to the games he grew up with.

Matt has a background in mechanical engineering and education, he believes the skills gained in these fields will help him to grow and advance with the software development team at Phronesis.


Alex Ferreira

Junior Software Developer

After 14 years working as a technical manager, sound engineer and lighting designer in the music industry, Alex decided to reconnect his old dream of becoming a software engineer. His journey began after joining a university course in June 2020, and then a Bath based tech academy which reinforced his love for coding.

A naturally curious person, he loves consuming all kinds of content centred on technology. With Alex's background from his previous career and his enthusiastic and curious personality, he hopes to bring a fresh view on how to solve some of the daily problems encountered during the development process.

Zoe Barber

Digital Marketing Assistant

Zoe describes herself as a bit of a lovable nerd. She could talk about the Witcher for an hour - give her a fantasy book and a hoodie and she’s set! Her passion for editing, reading and writing has her diving headfirst into our new marketing team and she believes her background in tech and social media management will help her bridge the gap between coders and the software they produce.


At Phronesis, we are always on the lookout for talented team members to join us and help deliver our best-in-breed customer validation solutions.

Open Positions

‘Working with Phronesis has taken away the challenges of multiple integrations and suppliers in accessing carrier data’.

Jonathan Evans, Country Manager, Digidentity